6 bold predictions for the LA Chargers 2023 offseason

Jason Reed
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Los Angeles Chargers v Jacksonville Jaguars
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2. Chargers hire a former defensive coordinator in a new role on the coaching staff

This bold prediction is inspired by a very specific defensive coordinator getting fired this offseason but it does not necessarily have to be him. Regardless of who it is, the Chargers would get a ton of value in bringing in an experienced former defensive coordinator to help Staley next season.

Before the offseason, I would have bet that Renaldo Hill would get let go as a scapegoat and allow Staley and the Chargers to go down this path. With Hill still in Los Angeles, the Chargers may need to create a new job on the defensive coaching staff to enact this plan.

The potential candidate in question that inspired this prediction is Ed Donatell, who was fired after spending one season as the Minnesota Vikings' defensive coordinator. Donatell's son is on the Chargers staff and he has worked with Staley before under Vic Fangio.

The Chargers could get a lot of value out of making Donatell (or any other former DC with experience that aligns with Staley) into an assistant head coach. This could give Staley a much-needed right-hand man while also making an excuse to bring in another valuable mind to the building.

Staley could create a defensive pass game coordinator, something that does not exist on his staff right now, to give someone like Donatell a bonafide role on top of being an assistant head coach. Staley very obviously has a great football mind and commands his locker room but sometimes the game speeds up on him in the moment. Having a right-hand man would help that.