5 offensive coordinators the Chargers can hire to replace Joe Lombardi

Jason Reed
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3. Mike LaFleur

Just like Joe Brady didn't have the best situation in Carolina, Mike LaFleur has not had the best situation with the New York Jets. LaFleur followed Robert Saleh to the Jets in 2021 and had to deal with the fact that Zach Wilson was his quarterback and the face of the franchise.

Wilson's rookie-year struggles were chalked up as a speed bump in his road to success but it became clear in year two that there was a dead end in that road. Wilson was a disaster for the Jets not only on the field but as an off-the-field distraction as well.

New York had to play quarterback roulette and when the best option of the three is Mike White you know that you are in trouble. Any offensive coordinator would have struggled in that situation so it is hard to fully blame LaFleur.

The Jets are allowing LaFleur to pursue other options and the LA Rams emerged as the early favorites to bring him in as offensive coordinator. Nothing is official and the Chargers' job was not open when the Rams were named as a potential favorite.

While coaching under Sean McVay is great, there are a lot of unknowns in the Rams organization (including McVay's future). Whereas the Chargers have a better and younger quarterback and would allow LaFleur to fully take control of the offense. That would not be the case under McVay.

After seeing the success of Mike McDaniel in Miami, it would be hard to blame the Chargers for wanting to bring in a product of Kyle Shanahan's offense.