5 offensive coordinators the Chargers can hire to replace Joe Lombardi

Jason Reed
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2. Joe Brady

The second most popular name on social media right now for the Chargers' offensive coordinator position is Joe Brady. Brady is currently the quarterbacks coach for the Buffalo Bills and was very recently regarded as one of the most promising bright offensive minds in the sport.

Brady was an offensive assistant under Sean Payton in 2017 and 2018 before becoming the passing game coordinator and wide receivers coach at LSU in 2019. LSU went on to have one of the greatest seasons in college football history and Brady landed a role with the Carolina Panthers as an offensive coordinator.

Brady and head coach Matt Rhule obviously did not see eye to eye and after a mixed bag of results, Brady was fired in early December. He was brought in to be the Bills' quarterbacks coach and has regained some of that offensive coordinator value.

Brady was a name that Chargers fans were clamoring for back before Lombardi was hired and this would come full circle. He certainly has the pedigree working under one of the best offensive minds in recent NFL history, but so did Lombardi when he was hired.

A potential pushback with the Brady hire is the fact that the 2019 LSU team was perhaps the most talented offensive team in college football history and simply might have had more so to do with that than Brady's influence. His time with the Panthers was underwhelming as well, although the talent wasn't great and Rhule was a disaster as a head coach.