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Full Chargers mock draft with the Bolts trading back not once, but twice

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Ihmir Smith-marsette, Jojo Domann
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With the 97th pick in this LA Chargers mock draft, the Bolts select JoJo Domann, LB, Nebraska

Linebackers may not be valued much in Brandon Staley's defense and that might be why Kyzir White was allowed to walk for only $3 million. However, the team would still benefit from replacing White with a really weak linebackers room and adding two extra top-100 picks allows the Bolts to do just that.

And the team does that with a linebacker that, on paper, would fit Staley's defense to a tee. I am not sure there is a better mid-round prospect that fits what the Chargers want to do on defense while also filling a hole than JoJo Domann.

Domann is going to make his living in the NFL as a coverage linebacker. Whether it is man or zone (in this case man), Domann showcased being one of the best coverage linebackers in all of college football last season. He also has the versatility to play both inside in coverage as well as outside linebacker in coverage assignments.

Domann is not going to be asked to get to the passer much on the edge but the Chargers could get creative (which Staley loves to do), bringing Domann to the line of scrimmage with the intent of manning up a tight end or running back while sprinkling in the occasional blitz.

The reason why Domann is a third-round prospect is that he is not the traditional hard-hitting linebacker that can stop the run. However, the Chargers have that in Kenneth Murray, who does not have great coverage abilities and instead is better as someone who can shoot the gap on the offensive line.

Taking Domann not only replaces Kyzir White as a coverage linebacker, but it also puts both Domann and the other linebackers in LA in a better position to thrive.