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Full Chargers mock draft with the Bolts trading back not once, but twice

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Daniel Faalele
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With the 34th pick in this LA Chargers mock draft, the Bolts select Daniel Faalele, OT, Minnesota

There are other directions that the team could go with the 34th overall pick but in picking up two extra third-round picks the Chargers instead decide to address the biggest need on the roster. The team is still without a starting right tackle and that is not a position that Justin Herbert should be put in.

While the Chargers could just take Trevor Penning with the 17th overall pick, the difference in Penning as a prospect and Faalele as a prospect is not that wide and the Chargers would benefit from moving down, picking up two extra top-100 picks and getting someone in Faalele who is more than capable of starting at right tackle in 2022.

Faalele moves much better than one would expect a six-eight, 380-pound tackle to move and he has a massively high ceiling because of it. Faalele does not have as many reps as other tackles in this draft class as a converted rugby player who did not play in 2020 but the Chargers should be more than comfortable developing him.

The team needs to take the techniques and things it learned while Frank Smith was the offensive line coach and apply that to 2022's blocking schemes and how they want to develop Faalele. There may be some early hiccups early on but even those hiccups as a rookie should be better than Storm Norton was for the team in 2021.

And if Faalele pans out and reaches his perceived ceiling then the Chargers could have the best tackle duo in the entire league in 2-3 years.