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Full Chargers mock draft with the Bolts trading back not once, but twice

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It is officially 2022 NFL Draft month and over the new four weeks, we here at Bolt Beat are going to explore all of the different routes the Bolts could take in our LA Chargers mock drafts. One of the most popular routes that fans want to see the team take is trading back from the 17th overall pick to get extra capital after trading a second-round pick for Khalil Mack.

We have run a mock draft with the Chargers trading back to 20 as well as a mock draft with the Chargers trading out of the first round altogether. In today's Chargers mock draft, we explore the idea of the team trading back not just once, but twice in the 2022 NFL Draft.

What are the trades in this LA Chargers mock draft?

The first trade is back to 20 with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Malik Willis was still on the board in this mock (performed using The Draft Network's Mock Draft Machine) and if he fell all the way to 17 then the Steelers should be jumping all over it. To move up to 17, the Steelers send the Chargers the 84th overall pick.

Then when 20 rolls around the Chargers call the Detroit Lions, who have the 32nd and 34th pick in the draft. The Lions should be interested in moving up for more talent as well as getting another first-round pick because of the fifth-year option. Meanwhile, the Chargers can save some money against the cap as a second-round pick does not carry the same cap hit that a first-round pick does.

The Lions move up to the 20th overall pick and the Chargers pick up the 34th overall pick and the 97th overall pick. LA sends the 255th pick in the draft just so it is an even two-for-two swap with the Bolts already having a pretty full roster.

Without further ado, let's jump into this Chargers mock draft with the Bolts' first selection coming 34th overall.