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Chargers: Why Mike Williams improving his route running is so important

By Alexander Insdorf
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Josh Palmer
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The potential versatility of the LA Chargers' offense

Other than the fact that it would make Williams a better receiver himself, it would take the LA Chargers' offense to another level. Allen is arguably the best route runner in the NFL as is while Tyron Johnson started to flourish as one last year.

Newly drafted Josh Palmer has some work to do in terms of developing at the NFL level, but he can sell routes with crisp movements too.

With three guys that can create their own separation, the staff doesn't necessarily need Williams to be as effective. But if he did develop that skill set more, it would help from a team versatility standpoint. Four decent to great route runners plus a speedster go ball option in Jalen Guyton would be really, really tough to defend.

That's before even talking about what Jared Cook, Stephen Anderson, Austin Ekeler, and Justin Jackson can do in space. Brandon Staley has preached versatility and more receivers that can run a full package of routes would certainly seem to fit that philosophy.

Lombardi isn't going to make Williams do things on offense that's he's uncomfortable with. That's the difference between how the Chargers and Saints used a talent like Robert Meachem.

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But Williams becoming less limited offensively would allow Lombardi and the coaching staff as a whole to have even more options available to them.