What the Chargers can learn from the Chiefs and Eagles

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The Super Bowl in Glendale goes down on February 12th. Kelce Bowl, the Andy Reid showdown, Mahomes vs. Hurts, however you wanna break it down — Chiefs vs. Eagles is the matchup. But the main thing to break down for the purposes of this site is what the Chargers could stand to learn from both of these franchises so they can appear in the 58th edition of the Super Bowl in 2024.

Chargers GM Tom Telesco could learn a thing or two from Howie Roseman

Both GMs of the respective teams in this year's Super Bowl are great. Plenty could be written about how the Chargers could learn from Brett Veach as well. But there are some real tangible lessons from Roseman's management style that Tom Telesco could apply to his own.

For one, Telesco has never traded back on a first-round selection. Roseman has done it to great effect over the last few years. He traded the sixth overall pick in 2021 to the Dolphins and effectively flipped Jaylen Waddle for DeVonta Smith and a first-round pick. He then flipped that Miami pick in a draft day deal to get Georgia's Jordan Davis in the draft.

Roseman traded back with the Saints in 2022's draft to acquire a 2023 first-round pick that now has top-10 value. What did he use the 2022 pick he got from the Saints on? Just a small part of the Eagles' Super Bowl engine in Pro Bowl wide receiver A.J. Brown.

Telesco simply never trades back and only considers the current capital and value of the Chargers' draft selections. One can even look at what Telesco did after the Khalil Mack trade-he traded two seventh-round picks back to the Bears to re-acquire the sixth-round pick from that March 2022 trade. Simply put, it wasn't the smartest asset management.

It goes beyond the draft though. Roseman doesn't believe in sunk cost fallacy. If something's not working, he'll move on for what's in the best interest of the organization. Drafting Jalen Hurts and trading Carson Wentz were incredibly controversial moves that now have the Eagles on the precipice of a Super Bowl title (and yes, Howie got a first-round selection for Wentz). Telesco on the other hand is very hesitant to abandon strategies that aren't working.

Void years and restructures are how Roseman stays aggressive in free agency. He's cutthroat in trades. Telesco will never be Roseman as the two have very different styles. But he could use some of his tactful aggressiveness.