3 Chargers who might be getting their last shot at a Super Bowl

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers v Denver Broncos
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3. Joe Lombardi

I know there is a large contingent of Chargers fans who are smiling at this inclusion. Joe Lombardi may not be a Chargers player but he still is potentially getting his last chance of winning a Super Bowl... at least as a coordinator.

The Chargers offense has been disappointing this season despite having an elite young quarterback and plenty of pass-catchers to go with him. Lombardi could save his job with a strong performance in the playoffs but if the Chargers are one-and-done and the offense struggles that might spell the end of his tenure.

Brandon Staley has proven that he is not afraid to move on from coaches who are not living up to the standard that he is expecting. The team hired Ryan Ficken as the special teams coordinator last offseason and it has paid massive dividends.

To be fair to Lombardi, this won't be his last chance to win a Super Bowl as a coach in the NFL. Because of his resume and the legacy attached to his name, he will get a lesser offensive coaching job with another team if he were to depart from the Chargers (maybe following Sean Payton wherever he goes).

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But this might be the last chance that Lombardi gets to win a Super Bowl as a coordinator. It would be one thing if this was his first coordinator job but it isn't as he already failed as the Detroit Lions' OC. It is hard to hire a guy who has failed with Matthew Stafford and Justin Herbert.