3 absurd QBs who have a higher PFF passer grade than Chargers' Justin Herbert

Jason Reed
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3. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Geno Smith and Joe Flacco are strange quarterbacks to rank ahead of Justin Herbert as neither of them are considered to be particularly good by NFL pundits. Meanwhile, Tom Brady is the greatest football player of all time and is probably the greatest American athlete of all time, period.

His career accomplishments do not factor into his PFF passing grade yet he still comes in with one of the best passing grades in the league. Despite being underwhelming through two weeks, Brady has the third-best grade in the sport behind Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts.

How? I have no idea. While this article is about Herbert, it is insane that someone like Patrick Mahomes, who also has really good numbers, ranks below Herbert even while Brady is all the way up in the top three. It makes no sense.

Brady has completed 59% of his passes for 402 yards with two touchdowns and one interception. He has the lowest completion percentage of anyone in the top 10, the fewest yards and is tied for the fewest touchdowns.

Not only that, but he is tied for the worst bad-throw percentage in the top 10 with Lamar Jackson at 6.3%. The numbers are not there, the bad throws are there, yet PFF is trying to pass Brady off as the third-best QB in the league through two weeks.

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Then you look at someone like Jared Goff, whose completion percentage is nearly identical, who has three times as many TDs, the same number of interceptions, a lower bad-throw rate and the exact same yards per attempt. Despite the similar numbers, Goff ranks 31st.