3 absurd QBs who have a higher PFF passer grade than Chargers' Justin Herbert

Jason Reed
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2. Joe Flacco, New York Jets

Joe Flacco is starting in place of Zach Wilson for the time being and the old veteran somehow finds himself with the fourth-highest passing grade in the league. To be fair to Flacco, he has actually been pretty good and has been far better than anyone could have expected thus far in the season.

That being said, Flacco was good in one game against the Cleveland Browns in Week 2. Nothing that Flacco did in Week 1 exudes confidence in the quarterback and if Nick Chubb just took a knee in the fourth quarter Flacco's overall numbers would not be as good.

He still does deserve praise for the numbers he has put together but the fourth-highest passing grade in the entire league? That seems like a bit much. When it comes to the numbers themselves, Flacco and Herbert are comparable with Herbert arguably having the edge, so it is strange how the veteran can have the better grade.

Herbert has completed 72% of his passes for 613 yards with six touchdowns and one interception. Flacco has completed 61.2% of his passes for 616 yards, five touchdowns and one interception. Yards are nearly identical with Herbert having one more touchdown and a completion percentage that is over 10% higher.

Granted, Flacco has suffered more drops than Herbert but he has also attempted the most passes in the league by far at 103. Quantity should not grade higher than quality.