Justin Herbert

5 quarterbacks who could challenge Chargers' Justin Herbert for MVP in 2022

By Sean Basile
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Derek Carr
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4. Derek Carr

The Raiders got better this offseason, folks. I know Charger fans don't want to hear it right now, but Derek Carr has himself a revamped team around him right now headed by an offensive juggernaut in Josh McDaniels.

With the additions of McDaniels to the coaching staff and arguably the best receiver in the game in Davante Adams to the receiving core, the Raiders are primed for a serious run in 2022.

Carr sat through the Jon Gruden email scandal and firing and he sat through his number one receiver in Henry Ruggs being arrested and subsequently cut and still managed to eke his way into the playoffs.

I'm not the biggest "Derek Carr guy." I feel his detractors underrate him while his fans overrate him. But he's still a savvy veteran with a good head on his shoulders to absorb any kind of obstacle the football gods throw his way at this stage of his career.

After seeing Matthew Stafford join the Rams and win a Super Bowl with a new-look supporting cast, it wouldn't be the craziest thing, in my opinion, to see Carr and the revamped Raiders go on a run. That means Carr finds himself in the MVP conversation, most likely.

He's finally got stability.......at least on the surface......in his organization. Maybe that's all he needs.