Justin Herbert

5 quarterbacks who could challenge Chargers' Justin Herbert for MVP in 2022

By Sean Basile
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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Tom Brady
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3. Tom Brady

I'm a huge Tom Brady fan, but he did just unretire. Not the best look, in my oh so humble opinion.

Now the pressure is back on to make this offseason worth the hassle, and knowing TB12 like I think I do, there's a very good chance he's able to fully step up to the plate and put together another MVP-caliber season.......after he should have won last year's, of course.

He's still got the weapons around him to put up the same numbers as he did in 2021. Mike Evans is one of the most underrated overrated guys (and most reliable health-wise) in the game, Chris Godwin is an absolute stud, and the ancillary characters such as Scotty Miller, Cameron Brate, and Russell Gage are going to allow the Bucs passing game to be busted wide open once again.

With the heat turned back on for TB12 and the loaded team he has around him in Tampa, it would make too much sense for Tommy to go on another MVP run in the waning days of his storied career.

If there's one guy I will tolerate Justin Herbert losing an MVP to, it will most certainly be Tom Brady.