Justin Herbert

5 quarterbacks who could challenge Chargers' Justin Herbert for MVP in 2022

By Sean Basile
Denver Broncos v Los Angeles Chargers
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Josh Allen
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2. Josh Allen

Everybody and their mother outside of Charger Nation are already anointing Josh Allen the soon-to-be MVP of the NFL. Even Chiefs fans know they got away with one in the Divisional Round last year because Joshy just couldn't miss that night.

This year only seems appropriate for Allen and the Bills to go on a revenge tour after coming so close in the playoffs, which could potentially outshine anything our man Justin Herbert does if the Bills truly are as good as most people are saying they're going to be.

I think Justin is better than Josh. I might be in the minority on that. Justin is a much more gifted passer, he's much more accurate, and he makes much better decisions with the football. But I don't fault those who are fully on the Allen bandwagon after what we've seen him do the past couple of years.

Come 2022, if Allen can adjust to losing two of his top three targets in Cole Beasley and Emmanuel Sanders and still put up MVP-level throwing numbers, voters are going to probably favor him over a guy like Herbert who's a bit ahead of his time. It feels more like Josh's number has come up, in other words, the time for an MVP/Super Bowl title for him is NOW whereas Justin isn't necessarily under that kind of pressure this season.