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Chargers: Why Justin Herbert might already be a lock to win the 2022 MVP

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2. The second-year jump for Justin Herbert in this offense is real

Justin Herbert did not have the sophomore slump that some pundits were predicting that he would have and he continued to build on what was an elite rookie season. The craziest thing about Herbert being so good last year is the fact that he has dealt with so much offensive turnover.

The offense was essentially different every season in Oregon and then he comes to LA, runs Shane Steichen's offense and then has to switch to Joe Lombardi's offense. None of that has mattered as Herbert has continued to get better and better to show how special he is.

This is the first time that he is actually going to have some familiarity with an offensive scheme and that is only going to improve his play. Quarterbacks often have second-year jumps when they are in an offense or with a head coach and Herbert is primed for that in 2022 with Lombardi and Staley.

So not only will the team have the success that will get him in the conversation (as he was not in the conversation last year) but there is a legitimate case to be made that his numbers will be better as well. If the team is better, and Herbert has an even better season than last year, then it becomes almost impossible to deny.

Especially considering...