3 Jaguars that Chargers fans should worry the most about in Week 3

Jason Reed
Indianapolis Colts v Jacksonville Jaguars
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3. Devin Lloyd

Devin Lloyd is a player that Chargers fans should be somewhat familiar with as he was briefly talked about as a potential draft target for the Bolts in the 2022 NFL Draft. While drafting a linebacker in the first round goes against Brandon Staley's philosophy, it was worth mentioning with how linebacker was last season.

Lloyd was projected early in the draft process to be a top 10-12 prospect in the draft but because he is a linebacker and linebackers are not valued as much he slipped to being a late first-round pick. Despite this, Lloyd has kickstarted his career nicely and is proving why many people had him as one of the most talented rookies in the draft class.

Lloyd has been really good against the run in two games for the Jaguars with six run stops already. The Chargers are going to look to get the run game going either way and Lloyd is going to be a nuisance as he flies into these running lanes to make a tackle.

Lloyd has also produced in the passing game as well. While coverage is not his bread and butter, the rookie linebacker already has an interception in his young career. This made him the highest-graded rookie on Pro Football Focus in Week 2.

With how this game is going to play out, the linebackers for both teams have ironically become important. The Chargers have the talent in the secondary to hold up and the play from the linebackers will be key, especially as the Jaguars likely look to get Travis Etienne and James Robinson going in the passing game.

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Meanwhile, linebacker is important for the Jaguars defensively because of how the Chargers will likely run the offense in Week 3, with or without Herbert.