3 biggest concerns Chargers fans should have with Jaguars playoff matchup

Jason Reed
Tennessee Titans v Jacksonville Jaguars
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3. Trevor Lawrence having a nuclear game

Trevor Lawrence may not have been as good coming out of college as NFL fans were expecting but a large reason why was Urban Meyer. Meyer has been long gone and we have see Lawrence take a step in front of our eyes this season. He doesn't have the consistency of an elite quarterback but he has put together some elite performances.

In Week 14 and 15 against the Titans and Dallas Cowboys, Lawrence put up 686 combined yards with seven passing touchdowns and only one interception. That was a kep point in the Jags' season as those were two losable games that they won. They absolutely had to win those games to make a playoff push.

When Lawrence played the Chargers in Week 3 he was very sharp as well. He went 28-39 passing with 262 yards and three touchdowns. He might not be on Justin Herbert's level yet but this is absolutely a guy that can go toe-to-toe with Herbert and outduel him if he is on his A-game.

That is a concern with the Jaguars and is something the Chargers would not have had to worry about with Joshua Dobbs under center. So what can the Chargers do to try and alleviate these concerns?

The team has to be able to get pressure on Lawrence in this game. When these two teams played earlier in the season Brandon Staley had one of his most aggressive games blitzing the quarterback. It will be interesting to see if that game plan comes back.

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It is also important to have early-down success against the run. The Jaguars are very hit-or-miss when it comes to running the ball and the Chargers' run defense has started to leak a tad in recent weeks.