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3 free agent receivers that could add speed to the Chargers offense

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The LA Chargers have made some bold moves this offseason and the team is likely not done with the additions. Los Angeles still has the 2022 NFL Draft to add talent to the roster but still has salary-cap space to spend in free agency if Brandon Staley and Tom Telesco deem fit.

According to Daniel Popper of The Athletic, the Chargers have a projected $9.4 million in cap space to still spend in free agency this offseason. The Chargers could go a multitude of directions with this money, spending is all on a big-name player or making several smaller moves.

One of the "smaller" moves could be adding to the receiving corps. Both Telesco and Staley have mentioned adding speed to the wide receiver room and many expect the Bolts to do that in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. However, there are reasons that lead us to believe that the Chargers won't take a receiver at 17.

There are 3 speedy free-agent wide receivers that the LA Chargers could sign.

If the Chargers want to add speed to the receiver room but do not expect to do it in the 2022 NFL Draft then they could turn again to free agency. While there are not any huge names left on the market, there are options that would add that burner speed that the team is looking for.

Let's dive into the three free agents that could add speed to the LA Chargers offense if signed.