3 Chargers free agents that could follow Joe Lombardi to Broncos

Jason Reed
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Joe Lombardi was fired by the LA Chargers after a disappointing season in which the LA Chargers struggled more than they should have on offense. It took some time, but the Chargers eventually replaced Lombardi with Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore.

Lombardi has found a new home in the most predictable place possible. Sean Payton is bringing Lombardi on to his offensive staff on the Denver Broncos, although his exact role is still unclear.

With the Chargers needing to free up over $20 million in cap space and having several free agents, we could see some familiar faces follow Lombardi to the Broncos this spring. According to Over The Cap, Denver has just under $10 million in cap space to spend and that is before any cap casualties. They may not be able to sign any marquee free agents but they could steal some Bolts.

3 Chargers free agents that could follow Joe Lombardi to Broncos:

3. Easton Stick

The least consequential player that could follow Joe Lombardi to the Denver Broncos is Easton Stick. After four years serving as a backup for the Chargers, Stick is a free agent and hasn't had any real time to show his value to the rest of the league.

Thus, it is going to take someone who is familiar with Stick to give him a roster spot next season. Lombardi is obviously familiar with Stick and that could be enough to get him into the building.

After all, Sean Payton loves athletic quarterbacks and revolutionized what a backup quarterback could be with Taysom Hill. Stick is not identical to Hill but he has the athleticism to be versatile. After all, the Chargers reportedly even had Stick play safety with the scout team in practice in 2019.

Lombardi saw that athleticism first hand and he could vouch for Stick to intrigue Payton to have another unicorn on his hands.