4 free agents the Chargers shouldn't even bother trying to re-sign

Jason Reed
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4. Easton Stick

The last impending free agent to make the cut is Easton Stick. There is a case to at least be made with all of the other free agents, even if most of them won't re-sign. Guys like Christian Covington or Tyeler Davison could come back for depth. Even someone like Richard Rodgers could come back for the very same reason.

One player that likely will not come back is Easton Stick and that is true even with Chase Daniel likely retiring. Stick is hitting the market as a free agent and will likely turn into a practice squad quarterback who bounces around the league in the NFL.

It is very clear that the Chargers did not trust Stick to be a true backup as he was inactive several times and did not play in the rare times a backup did play. He was backend roster depth and it makes no sense to re-sign him to be the main backup if that is the team's evaluation of him.

Instead, the Chargers will likely end up drafting a quarterback in the last round of the 2023 NFL Draft. This is a great way to get someone younger who might be more in line with the offensive style while also getting much cheaper in the process.

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Justin Herbert does not need a veteran quarterback behind him anymore and it is always nice to at least have a backup you like behind him. Obviously, the plan is for Herbert to play every game but the smartest teams (Eagles, 49ers) have invested in good backups and it has paid off. The Chargers should as well via the draft.