4 free agents the Chargers shouldn't even bother trying to re-sign

Jason Reed
Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers
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3. Storm Norton

Storm Norton is a restricted free agent this offseason so the ball is in the Chargers' court to bring him back. Los Angeles could throw a right-of-first-refusal tender on Norton to keep him on the roster at a very cheap price.

That is assuming that other teams are even going to be interested in signing Norton, which they likely won't be. The Chargers don't even have to tender Norton and can probably just bring him back for the league minimum but even then, it is not worth it for the Bolts.

Storm Norton has statistically been one of the worst tackles in the entire sport every single time he has gotten a chance to play for the Bolts. It got so bad that they were willing to test the waters with a rookie that they drafted to be a guard instead of Norton.

Then, once Trey Pipkins started having MCL issues, the Chargers trotted out Foster Sarell to be the swing tackle over Norton. That is incredibly damning for Norton, especially considering Sarell was pretty awful himself when he had to play.

If Norton is unplayable (which the Chargers obviously think he is) then there is no point in even wasting a roster spot on him. It is time to move on and perhaps Norton could land on his feet back in the XFL.