5 Chargers free agents that have the best chance of re-signing

Jason Reed
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2. Trey Pipkins

The LA Chargers have the flexibility to free up enough salary cap to realistically bring back one mid-tier free agent. For that reason, while they rank no. 2 and no.1 on this list, chances are that the Bolts will only be able to re-sign one of the next two players.

Trey Pipkins seems like the less likely of those two players and it has nothing to do with how he played last season. In a perfect world, the Chargers would be able to bring back both but they likely can't unless one of them is worth far less than projected or takes an extremely team-friendly deal.

And based on how the Chargers have operated in recent years, it feels like Pipkins would be the player that they would be more likely to move on from. The team has drafted an offensive lineman in the first round of the last two drafts and it would not be totally surprising if they planned to do so a third time.

There are plenty of reasons to want to bring Pipkins back in 2023. After three years of being a disappointing draft selection, the developmental tackle finally developed and turned into an average (at worst) starting right tackle.

When Pipkins was fully healthy and not dealing with MCL problems his impact on the offensive line was felt. Not only was Pipkins turning in solid showings against the pass rush but he was arguably the team's best run blocker all season. Any success the Bolts had running the ball was behind Pipkins.

Hopefully, the Chargers are able to reward Pipkins for his breakout season in 2022 with a new contract this offseason. But if it comes down to him or no. 1 on this list, I think they lean towards no. 1.