5 Chargers free agents that have the best chance of re-signing

Jason Reed
Tennessee Titans v Los Angeles Chargers
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The LA Chargers have a lot to figure out this offseason. After the most aggressive offseason in franchise history, the Bolts do not have the same flexibility and are going to have to make some tough decisions.

As it stands right now, the Chargers are $19.9 million over the projected salary cap for the 2023 NFL season. There are ways to get under the cap and have some room to spend but it highlights the kind of situation that the team is in this season.

Los Angeles has a decently long list of free agents whose contracts expired after the 2023 season. Some of these players are not worth even trying to re-sign, while others are worth trying to bring back. Not all of the desired players will return but there are certain free agents with a better chance than others.

For clarity's sake, we are only including unrestricted free agents in this list.

5 Chargers free agents with the best chance of re-signing:

5. J.K. Scott, Punter

Punters may not seem like a big deal but J.K. Scott did everything the Chargers wanted him to do last season. While he does not boom the ball long like some of the best punters in the sport, he added a lot of value to the special teams side of the ball.

It is clear that Ryan Ficken valued Scott's ability to hang the ball in the air for longer, even if it meant sacrificing some yards in the overall distance. This benefited the Chargers as it kept teams from even trying to return the ball, completely closing the door from allowing another team to burn them on a punt return.

In fact, the Chargers won an entire game because of Scott's booming punts. The special teams unit made an incredible heads-up play on a punt in overtime against the Denver Broncos that turned the ball over and resulted in the game-winning field goal.