7 Chargers free agents who are still searching for a team

Jason Reed
Los Angeles Chargers v Indianapolis Colts
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4. Jalen Guyton

While we are on the topic of wide receivers, we might as well address that Jalen Guyton has not signed with a team yet and has not re-signed with the LA Chargers. Guyton is a restricted free agent this offseason so the ball is in the Chargers' court if they want to bring the speedster back.

Most fans would sign up to see Guyton back without even thinking twice. This Chargers team desperately lacks speed as currently constructed and Guyton has been the one speed threat on the offense.

When he went out in Week 3 with a torn ACL it was obvious the impact he had on offense. Even though his overall numbers were not amazing, not having that deep threat that other defenses had to respect made a difference.

All that being said, Guyton is not the most dynamic of receivers and if speed is all the Chargers are after then we might see the team go in another direction. There are plenty of speed guys in the 2023 NFL Draft and it might be better to draft one and develop them for multiple years of production rather than sign Guyton to a one-year prove-it deal.

Plus, tearing your ACL probably isn't the best of injuries when you are a dedicated speed guy. Fans cannot blame the team one bit for any potential reservations about how explosive Guyton can be after his injury.