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5 upcoming Chargers free agents that absolutely must be re-signed

Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders
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Andre Roberts
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2. Andre Roberts

Andre Roberts made a horrible mistake against the Las Vegas Raiders that definitely soured his inclusion on this list. Roberts tried to make too much happen on a punt return that was not there and fumbled to give the Raiders the ball back and essentially gift them seven free points.

It was the story of most of the game for the Chargers. They got in their own way and gifted the Raiders points at any turn they could. While Roberts certainly was part of the problem, that does not take away from the need to re-sign him this offseason.

Just the week before the former All-Pro returner broke off a huge return for a touchdown against the Denver Broncos. That touchdown return was a longtime coming as Roberts was consistently giving the Chargers good field position with his returns on kickoffs and punt returns.

Compare that to what was happening when K.J. Hill and Larry Rountree were returning kicks and it is clear that Roberts is really important to this team. He is the best returner that the Chargers have had since Darren Sproles and with all the special teams' struggles in recent years, the Chargers cannot afford to let him walk.

Luckily, Roberts is not going to cost much. His last contract was a two-year, $5.5 million contract and now that he is a bit older that number probably will go down. A two-year, $5 million deal is more than doable for LA.