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Best free-agent receivers the Chargers can sign to replace Jalen Guyton

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3. Dede Westbrook

Rounding up the potential options for the LA Chargers in free agency is Dede Westbrook, who actually could be a quality sleeper target for the Chargers that ends up producing more than fans would have ever expected.

The ship definitely has not sailed on Westbrook being an impactful member of a receiving corps and he just needs to land on a team that can utilize his ability. With Guyton now out of the picture the Chargers would be a nice opportunity for Westbrook to extend his NFL career.

Westbrook definitely has burners with a 4.34 40-yard dash and he could run the same route tree that Guyton would have been running this season. In terms of ability, I would not separate Guyton and Westbrook and I would argue that at his best, Westbrook could offer more.

Westbrook's best was not that long ago as in 2019 he posted 660 receiving yards on a bad Jaguars team. The year prior he posted 717 yards with five touchdowns. And that was the best situation that the former fourth-round pick has been in.

Westbrook got bad quarterbacks in Jacksonville. In 2020 he was phased out of the offense and tore his ACL in Week 7, ending his season. He then spent time with the Minnesota Vikings in 2022, who obviously have so many great receivers ahead of Westbrook and a quarterback that isn't elite.

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Justin Herbert would by far be the best quarterback Westbrook has ever played with and this would present a real opportunity to produce at the same level that he was just producing at in 2019. It is not like Westbrook is old, either, as the 28-year-old can still burn.