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Best free-agent receivers the Chargers can sign to replace Jalen Guyton

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2. Odell Beckham Jr.

Odell Beckham Jr. is undoubtedly the biggest name that is still on the market and is also the most talented receiver that the Chargers could sign. That being said, he ranks second behind Fuller as there are additional circumstances that make Fuller a better fit for the Botls for the time being.

First of all is the fact that Odell just tore his ACL in the Super Bowl in February and is going to need additional time to heal. The Chargers need help relatively soon and Odell is going to take his sweet time in coming back and making a decision.

On top of that, the Chargers might not be very high on Odell's list of teams, either. We all know that Odell is going to pick a team that has a great record that is primed for a run at the Super Bowl. While we have not completely lost faith in the Chargers' playoff chances, they are not as intriguing as a team as they were four weeks ago.

If Odell did end up coming to the Bolts it would be a fantastic jolt to the offense. While he might not be someone who is a burner like Guyton, he is someone who can create separation at the line of scrimmage and can run routes in all three levels of the offense.

Adding another dynamic weapon to the offense would only open things up for Mike Williams and Keenan Allen and would make third downs far less of a headache than they currently are for LA.