7 Chargers free-agent targets with ties to Brandon Staley

Jason Reed
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6. Greg Gaines, IDL

If the Chargers are prioritizing bringing in a pass-rushing interior defensive linemen then Greg Gaines might be the direction to go. Of course, most fans would simply prefer if the team re-signs Morgan Fox but if that does not happen then Gaines is a name to keep an eye on.

This signing would be very similar to the Fox signing in that the Chargers would be bringing in someone from the Rams that has shown potential but is coming off of a down season. It worked with Fox and there is a good chance that it would work with Gaines as well.

If you look at Gaines' performance last season then you are going to be less than thrilled but this is someone who has proven in an entire season that he can make a difference. In 2021, Gaines finished with 38 quarterback pressures from an interior defensive line position. That is impressive and put him 21st in the entire league.

The Chargers could potentially get someone with top-20 pass-rush production on the inside for a miniscule price. To put it into perspective, Fox finished with 40 pressures in 2023. If the Chargers need a cheap option to replace that output then Gaines could be the guy.

Sure, he benefits from playing next to Aaron Donald and won't have that benefit in LA but he does have a solid edge-rushing duo and other talented defensive linemen on the inside. If Staley thinks he can bring Gaines back to his 2021 form then he should take the flier.