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3 best free-agent tackles the Chargers can sign to replace Rashawn Slater

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The LA Chargers suffered a massive blow in Week 3 as Rashawn Slater was removed from the game with what was eventually diagnosed as a ruptured bicep tendon. Slater is expected to miss the entire season, creating a massive hole in the team's offensive line.

Considering the drop-off from Slater to Norton, this is the second-most impactful injury that could have happened to the Chargers, only behind Justin Herbert. Norton was so awful in his limited snaps at left tackle on Sunday that it is impossible to get behind him as the team's starter.

The Chargers made a massive mistake by not addressing the tackle position at all in the offseason and it is coming back to bite. Los Angeles needs external help at tackle, as what they have right now simply is not good enough.

Here are 3 free agent tackles the Chargers could sign to replace Rashawn Slater:

1. Eric Fisher

Eric Fisher is by far the biggest name on the market and he would be a solid veteran addition to the left side of the offensive line. Fisher did have a down season with the Indianapolis Colts in which his pass-rush efficiency numbers were not great, but outside of that one bad year, Fisher has been relatively good and consistent in his career.

At this point, the Chargers are not going to get an extremely polished option, so betting on the veteran experience and ceiling of Fisher might be the way to go.

Trey Pipkins has been playing quite well at right tackle and instead of shuffling the line around and moving him to the left side (which would happen with other potential signings), Fisher would allow the team to keep Pipkins where he is playing well as he has been a left tackle his entire career.

Fisher was simply picking his spots and waiting for a starting job to option on a good team. That is exactly what happened here, making this a no-brainer from Fisher's side of things.