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5 free agents with ties to the Chargers that are still on the market

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Bobby Massie, Chris Jones
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3. Bobby Massie

The LA Chargers still do not have anyone to start at right tackle. That is, unless the team's plan is to let Storm Norton and Trey Pipkins battle it out for the starting gig. There are not many options left for the Chargers to pursue in free agency — which could signal the team's intention to draft a right tackle — but one option that is still available with ties to LA is Bobby Massie.

Massie was a long-time member of the Chicago Bears and was there when Brandon Staley was there under Vic Fangio. While Staley did not directly work with Massie, he does have that Bears connection that helped Massie make previous free agency decisions.

Massie signed with the Denver Broncos for the 2021 season, following his former head coach. Perhaps he could do the same thing this offseason and follow another former coach from his ties with the Bears, staying in the division with the LA Chargers.

The 32-year-old would not cost much on the free-agent market and he has been mostly reliable in his career as he played 13 games last season for Denver. However, he had the worst season of his career, finishing in the bottom-10 among tackles in pass-blocking efficiency on Pro Football Focus.

However, Massie has proven that he can be one of the best tackles in the entire sport. Back in 2018, Massie played over 600 pass-blocking snaps and was a top-10 tackle in the league in pass-blocking efficiency.

With the right pieces around him as well as getting help on the edge from someone like Tre' McKitty, Massie could be much better than he was last season and if he comes at a cheap price then it might be worth it for the Chargers to try Massie out.