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5 free agents with ties to the Chargers that are still on the market

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Trae Waynes
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2. Trae Waynes

Trae Waynes is in the exact same boat as Mackenzie Alexander, although he was not high school teammates with the Chargers' new standout star cornerback. Waynes is also a former member of the Minnesota Vikings secondary who spent some time on the special teams' side of the ball.

Ironically enough, Waynes also left the Vikings and signed with the Cincinnati Bengals. Alexander returned to the Vikings in 2021 after his stint in Cincy and instead of returning to the Vikings, perhaps Waynes could follow Ficken to the LA Chargers.

There is a higher upside with Waynes than there is with Alexander. At his best, Waynes is a better cornerback than Alexander and he could play more of a role in nickel and dime than Alexander would. Cincinnati released him after two injury-plagued seasons, which lowers his value and makes him just as cheap as Alexander.

It would be a risk, though. While the potential ceiling with Waynes is higher than that of Alexander, the floor is also lower as there is a chance that he cannot shake the injury bug and does not even provide the depth that the Chargers are looking for.

Waynes should not be the only veteran cornerback the team signs but if the Chargers can afford Waynes and another veteran corner, while also drafting a corner in the mid-rounds, then they can take the risk with the higher ceiling of Waynes.

Heck, maybe the Chargers go for a daily double and sign both former Viking cornerbacks to a cheap one-year deal this offseason.