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5 free agents with ties to the Chargers that are still on the market

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The LA Chargers have had a busy offseason thus far as the team has looked to capitalize on Justin Herbert's rookie contract window by bringing in elite talent. Khalil Mack and J.C. Jackson headline the talent that the Bolts have brought in this offseason and now the Chargers should be considered legitimate Super Bowl favorites.

One trend with the Chargers' decision-making this offseason has been bringing in players with connections to the team. Not every addition had previous connections with the Chargers but both Mack and Sebastian Joseph-Day did.

Last offseason we saw the Chargers sign Jared Cook because of the connection to Joe Lombardi and we saw Staley build a coaching staff full of connections. If there is one thing Brandon Staley definitely seems to value it is familiarity.

Despite all of the big moves, the Chargers still have money to spend. Daniel Popper of The Athletic projects the Chargers to have $9.4 million in spending space for free agency. That is more than enough to bring in two, perhaps even three, depth signings at this point of the offseason.

These final signings could be players with previous connections to the LA Chargers.

There are still some players on the market that have previous connections to Brandon Staley and his coaching staff and as their prices go down as the offseason carries on, we could see the Bolts looking to bring in these players.

Of course, the Chargers are not going to just bring in any free agent with ties to the team. There are specific needs at this point in the offseason and there are specific players who could fill those needs. Let's dive into those players to try and get an idea of who the team may be targeting.