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5 teams who could steal Uchenna Nwosu from the Chargers in free agency

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4. Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears are undergoing a coaching change so there is a chance that the defensive philosophy is completely different than it currently is. However, the seeds that Vic Fangio planted in Chicago are still there and the defensive style is at least similar to what the LA Chargers were doing under Brandon Staley.

The Bears also are a 3-4 team, which is perfect for Nwosu. While the Chargers ran a hybrid front with varying looks at timeS, Nwosu really showed the ability in the second half of the season to be an all-around 3-4 outside linebacker. He not only generated pressure on the quarterback, but he was a good run stopper and even made some great plays in coverage.

The interception against Patrick Mahomes was arguably the best defensive play of the entire season for the Bolts. That one play showed just how special Nwosu can be.

The Bears are going to need to replace one of the team's outside linebackers as Bruce Irvin is a free agent and is not a good option to bring back. Irvin is 34 years old and does not produce nearly at the same level as Nwosu does.

The Bears have $27.1 million in practical cap space. A big chunk of that should go to a proper WR1 (although a first-round pick is probably the most likely outcome), leaving a smaller budget for an edge rusher. That is where Nwosu comes in.