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5 teams who could steal Uchenna Nwosu from the Chargers in free agency

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The LA Chargers have a long list of free agents this season and one of the most impactful is Uchenna Nwosu. After a slow first half, Nwosu had a great second half of the 2021 season and significantly increased his value as a result.

There is a chance that the Chargers sign an edge rusher with a higher ceiling in the 2022 offseason, allowing Nwosu to walk. However, Nwosu was such a good fit in Brandon Staley's defense that it would be a surprise to see the team completely give up on him.

However, the Chargers might not even get a chance to bring him back if another team steals him in free agency.

5 biggest threats to steal Uchenna Nwosu from the Chargers in free agency:

1. Indianapolis Colts

The Indianapolis Colts were one of the most well-rounded teams in the league in 2021 (and still did not make the playoffs because of their quarterback). When it comes to defense and special teams, most teams strive to be as good as the Colts.

The one area that the Colts struggled in on defense was getting pressure on the quarterback. The Colts had the second-lowest pressure rate in the entire NFL last season, only beating out the Atlanta Falcons. The Colts generated pressure on the quarterback 18.1% of the time. The Colts' 5.6% hurry rate was the lowest in the NFL.

According to Over the Cap, the Colts have $37.5 million in projected practical cap space this offseason. With needs at receiver, the Colts are not going to be able to sign a big-name edge rusher. Someone such as Nwosu, who can make an impact on a smaller contract, is the perfect target for a team like the Colts to pursue.