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5 teams who could steal Mike Williams from the Chargers in free agency

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Mike Williams
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Threats to steal Mike Williams from the Chargers: 4. Las Vegas Raiders

I know, the idea of seeing Mike Williams with the Las Vegas Raiders is gross and as a fan you hope that a player would not jump to the team's biggest rival. However, the Raiders already have so many former Chargers on the defensive side of the ball that it really is not that much of a surprise anymore.

Mike Williams is not necessarily what the Raiders need exactly but it is really easy to see how the team can talk itself into having the biggest bid to secure Williams' services. That is the only way the Raiders would be able to sign Williams, after all. If the offers between the Chargers and Raiders (or even the other three teams on this list) are similar, I don't think the Raiders would be his no. 1 choice.

However, the Raiders need a deep threat receiver after releasing Henry Ruggs. They should be going after a speedster that can open up the top of the defense but they don't have the money to outbid other teams for Adams or Chris Godwin.

Williams is not a speedster but he is someone who can take the top off of a defense. As we know, Derek Carr loves to just chuck the ball deep (and get ridiculous pass interference calls) and Williams is a great receiver to do that to.

The Raiders overpaid for a former Williams receiver from the Chargers in Tyrell Williams so this is not unfathomable. With $25.6 million in projected effective cap space, the Raiders can make some moves to open up more space and squeeze Williams under the cap.