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4 teams who could steal Justin Jones from the Chargers in free agency

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3. New York Jets

The New York Jets were also listed as one of the threats to steal Uchenna Nwosu in free agency as well. Any defensive free agent on any team could be at risk of being stolen by the Jets as they are in a position to spend this offseason and build around the foundation that they have.

If Zach Wilson ends up being a good quarterback then the Jets could have a good future on the horizon. They have a really well-respected defensive head coach in Robert Saleh and towards the end of the 2021 season, the Jets were playing much better and much more competitive football. With the third-most money to spend this offseason, the Jets could make some serious moves.

Now, the biggest thing that a Jets fan should be worried about is the team making the wrong moves, as that is something that has plagued the front office and the team for years now. Justin Jones would not be a wrong move by the Jets, so long that they don't significantly overpay him.

Jones is not someone who is going to single-handily raise the ceiling of the team but he is someone who provides quality run-stuffing defense and can start at defensive tackle in place of Sheldon Rankins, who is nothing special.

While the big-name moves are the ones that get attention, it is the smaller moves like this that could really improve a young team like the Jets. Signing Jones is not going to get any headlines, but as a part of a collective effort by New York, he could add to the greater good.

Of course, we hope that does not happen.