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4 teams who could steal Justin Jones from the Chargers in free agency

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Gus Bradley
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2. Las Vegas Raiders

Unfortunately, we have to consider the Las Vegas Raiders as a team that could poach Justin Jones (or any Chargers defensive free agent, for the matter) because of Gus Bradley being the defensive coordinator. Bradley brought in various former Chargers to be on the Raiders defense in 2021 and painfully, some of them had breakout years (Casey Hayward and Denzel Perryman, most notably).

The Raiders are most likely going to hire a new head coach and it seems likely that Jim Harbaugh could be that coach. Regardless of who the team hires, it would be surprising to see Bradley get the boot. While teams typically blow up the coaching staff, this is a different situation and Bradley is coming off of what is perceived as a strong year as the defensive coordinator.

As long as Bradley is the DC then they are a threat to sign away Justin Jones. The Raiders could certainly use him as well. The defensive line could use some quality depth at defensive tackle, especially someone who is familiar with what the Raiders are trying to do on defense.

The Raiders have the cap space to make it work as well. Again, Jones is not going to get a massive contract but I would not put it past the Raiders to pay him over market value. The Raiders have $39.7 million in cap space to spend this offseason.