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4 free-agent running backs who the Chargers could still sign

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Melvin Gordon
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4. Melvin Gordon

There are a lot of Charger fans who do not like Melvin Gordon for how he handled his contract situation with the team and rightfully so. The Bolts actually dodged a bullet considering Gordon turned down a contract that reportedly was going to pay him $10 million a year.

Now, after his two-year stint with the Denver Broncos — who are going to go all-in on Javonte Williams at running back — Gordon finds himself as a free agent with a much lower value than he thought he had with the Bolts.

Gordon actually changed agents recently, which could be a sign that the market is not going how he expected it to. While some fans still do not like Gordon, if the team can sign him for cheap to be the RB2 behind Austin Ekeler then it absolutely is a possibility that he returns in the powder blue.

PFF projected Gordon to get a two-year, $12 million deal but being this far in the offseason that seems unlikely. Quite frankly, it would not be all that shocking if Gordon simply has to sign a one-year prove-it deal for $4 million or so with incentives baked in that can make him more money.

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Gordon is probably the least likely running back to join the Chargers on this list but his name is worth mentioning as he might be the most talented left on the market. He is still pretty young at 28 years old and while Austin Ekeler is better, Gordon as an RB2 would be a luxury.