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4 free-agent running backs who the Chargers could still sign

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Tarik Cohen
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3. Tarik Cohen

This would be the flier of all fliers. It can be a bit dicey if the Chargers signed Jerick McKinnon to be the RB2 and it would be downright silly to sign Tarik Cohen with the same intent. If the Bolts are going to sign Cohen then they would have to add a running back they are comfortable with in the 2022 NFL Draft.

That could be part of the reason why the Chargers have not yet made a move at the position. If the Bolts are happy with who they get in the draft they might be more willing to take a $1.2 million flier on Cohen knowing that if it does not pan out they are fine.

But if it does pan out then the Chargers are going to have the most over-qualified depth running back in the league. Cohen could be an interchangeable weapon in the passing game, similar to how the Falcons used Cordarelle Patterson, and could add value to the return game as well.

Cohen has played just three games over the last two seasons due to injury but before getting hurt he was one of the most explosive backs in the league. The 26-year-old running back was an All-Pro in 2018, picking up 444 rushing yards with 725 receiving yards and eight touchdowns on offense.

As a punt returner, Cohen averaged 12.5 yards per return, which led to him getting his All-Pro nod.