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5 edge rushers the Chargers can potentially replace Uchenna Nwosu with

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Von Miller
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5. Von Miller

This is a move that I would not be a huge fan of but because of his play in the NFL Playoffs this season as well as his connection to Brandon Staley, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of Von Miller being a Charger in 2022.

It would be absolutely perfect for Miller as a player. He could win another title with the Rams and then stay in Los Angeles for another 2-3 years with a head coach that he is familiar with and respects. For Miller, the Chargers are probably the best-case scenario to contend while also getting paid.

Miller is not the best-case scenario for the Chargers, though. While he is playing really well in the playoffs he has not been as consistent in the regular season as he has gotten older. That regression is only going to accelerate the older he gets.

However, because of his really solid postseason and the fact that he is a future Hall of Famer, Miller is going to get paid for his past performances. We see it all the time with players and the Chargers should not fall victim to doing that regardless of how well he is playing in the playoffs. PFF projects Miller to get a two-year, $34 million deal.

While he will naturally get a shorter deal, it is not worth it for the Chargers to pay Von Miller that much when he is no longer the same player that he used to be.

However, it would not be the first time that the Chargers recently overpaid for a former Denver Bronco on a two-year deal because he was one of the best players in the league last decade. I would not be a huge fan of the move but I certainly would not be surprised, either.