5 edge rushers the Chargers can potentially replace Uchenna Nwosu with

Jason Reed
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Uchenna Nwosu had a really compelling season for the LA Chargers in 2021. The season started off on the wrong foot for Nwosu and it appeared as if he was not going to live up to expectations. After being no more than a rotational player for three years, Nwosu struggled in the first half of the 2021 season.

However, something clicked after the bye week and Nwosu really turned it around. The former second-round pick started generating pressure on the passer at a higher rate and was playing better against the run as well. Nwosu's second half made him a potential must-sign for the Chargers in free agency this offseason.

As we know in the NFL, though, nothing is concrete. There is a chance that Nwosu gets a deal that he cannot turn down from another team in free agency as well as the possibility of the Chargers upgrading the edge rusher position. As good as Nwosu was in the second half, the Bolts certainly could get better.

There are several candidates to potentially replace Uchenna Nwosu on the LA Chargers.

Whether it is because Nwosu signed for too much or because the Chargers wanted to spend more and get an upgrade at edge rusher, the team is going to have options this offseason. Here are five potential replacements for Nwosu.