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4 concerning storylines Chargers fans should be wary of after Week 5

Los Angeles Chargers v Cleveland Browns
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2. J.C Jackson has been bad for the LA Chargers this season

J.C. Jackson was signed to be the team's no. 1 corner not only in 2022 but for the foreseeable future and thus far, he has been the third-best corner on the team and that might even be generous. Asante Samuel Jr. and Bryce Callahan have definitely been the team's two best corners while Jackson has not played well thus far.

To be fair to Jackson, he did have ankle surgery right before the season began which resulted in him losing reps and having to play catch up in-season, which is never easy to do. That is certainly having an impact and Chargers fans should hope that he will get better with more reps out there.

Because if not, there are going to be serious conversations about how much money they spent on Jackson. There is a trend of big-name free agents leaving the New England Patriots and simply not being as good outside of Bill Belichick's system, making those concerns even worse.

Brissett was outwardly targeting Jackson in this game and throwing to Amari Cooper, who is a fine receiver but is definitely past his prime in the league. While Jackson did make a big pass-break-up in the second half, he had more moments where Cooper shook him off with ease.

According to Pro Football Focus, Jackson was targeted nine times in this game, allowing five receptions for 58 yards and a touchdown. In 120 coverage snaps this season, Jackson has allowed 15 receptions on 20 targets for 245 yards and two touchdowns. He has allowed a 149.0 passer rating when targeted, which is the third-worst among all corners with 100 coverage snaps.