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3 players Chargers fans should hope the Broncos trade away at deadline

New York Jets v Denver Broncos
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The 2022 NFL trade deadline is on November 1 and the LA Chargers are in a perfect situation to add talent this year. While Tom Telesco does not historically make trades for players in-season, the trade deadline lining up with the bye week is a perfect scenario for the team to make a trade.

Plus, if there was ever a Charger team in recent years that needed external help it is this team. If they truly have Super Bowl aspirations then they need to add talent that could help them weather the storm while players get healthy. If not, they risk the season slipping through their fingers.

While the Chargers want to get better, they also should be hoping that their AFC West foes don't improve and potentially get worse. Of the four AFC West teams, the Denver Broncos are in a prime position to sell off some talent. Chargers fans should be crossing their fingers that Denver gets even worse than they already are by selling three marquee names.

3 Broncos that Chargers fans should hope get traded:

1. Bradley Chubb

Bradley Chubb was once touted as the next big thing at the edge rusher position and while he has been good for the Broncos, he has not even been close to being on the elite level that other young pass rushers are on.

That being said, he is still someone who is very hard to game plan against as he can disrupt an entire game by getting pressure on the quarterback. Believe it or not, the Chargers have actually done a pretty good job at limiting the damage when they face Chubb.

Chubb has faced off against the Chargers five times in his career and has only recorded two sacks. While that is promising, it would still be much easier to get to face this Broncos defense without having to worry about stopping a Chubb-Baron Browning pass-rush duo.

Denver has reportedly been offered a competitive package for Chubb, so it might end up happening.