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3 Chargers who exceeded expectations in Week 4 win over Texans

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans
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3. Joe Lombardi

There are going to be a lot of fans that disagree with this sentiment as Joe Lombardi has become the no. 1 scapegoat for everything that goes wrong with the Chargers. To be fair, his play-calling definitely has not been great and he does deserve criticism for not utilizing Justin Herbert's talents.

That being said, blaming the play-calling has just become the blanket excuse for fans on social media even when it does not apply. While some fans will still sit there and swear that Lombardi's play-calling was bad in this game, that really was not the case.

The offense was humming in the first half and the main reason why was because the team was able to get the running game going. With the running game going, the Texans actually had to respect the Chargers' play-action looks, which opened up crossers down the field.

Yes, the offense stalled in the second half but there were some misfortunate things that happened that led to that stalling. In the first drive of the second half, Gerald Everett dropped an easy reception that would have resulted in a first down. Instead, it was a three-and-out. In the second drive, Justin Herbert just narrowly overthrew Mike Williams on a go route in which Williams beat his man.

What is funny about the complaints over Lombardi is that some fans argued that he became too conservative in the second half. That is actually the opposite. If anything, Lombardi deserves criticism for going away from the run and throwing the ball more in the second half.

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Regardless, outside of the decision to run Sony Michel outside the tackles, Lombardi called a fairly good game from the booth. I am not sure how we can complain that much about an offense that just posted over 400 yards and scored 34 points.