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3 reasons why the Chargers won't draft a wide receiver at 17

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Devonte Wyatt
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2. The LA Chargers have actual needs to address in the first round

If the LA Chargers go out and sign a starting right tackle and right guard before the 2022 NFL Draft then this is a moot point. And at that point, the odds of drafting a receiver would go up exponentially as the Chargers would then likely shift to taking the best player available.

However, as it stands right now, the Chargers do not have a starting right tackle or right guard. There is the possibility that the team is high on either Trey Pipkins and/or Brenden Jaimes to start in 2022, but based on how they handled them last season, I would not fully bank on that being the case.

There is also one more spot on the defensive line to fill. While the team has the likes of Jerry Tillery, Christian Covington and Breiden Fehoko, they could benefit from adding another every-down defensive tackle to what they currently have.

Simply put: there are other options for the Chargers to pursue before pursuing something that the team doesn't seem to think is a first-round need. Telesco has historically drafted the best player available in the past but they could be ranking someone like Jordan Davis or Devonte Wyatt higher on their board than, say, Chris Olave.

The chances of another prospect, that actually plays a position of need, being higher on the team's board is likely considering our third reason...