4 Chargers dream prospects that could fall to 79 after taking Zion Johnson

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DeMarvin Leal
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4. DeMarvin Leal, IDL

When it comes to mid-round interior defensive linemen, I have been all-in on the idea of the LA Chargers taking Phidarian Mathis if he were to fall to the fourth round. The third round might be a bit too rich to take an interior defensive lineman, especially with the other needs on the roster still present.

However, that obviously changes if the right prospect falls to the Bolts at 79 and the prospect that would be the most intriguing is DeMarvin Leal. However, he is also the least likely to fall to 79, hence why he is last on this list.

Leal ranks 57th on the consensus big board so it would be a decent-sized fall if he was there for the Chargers in the third round. However, because he is an interior defensive lineman and with his scouting report, he could end up falling.

From a talent standpoint, it is impossible to ignore Leal's impact both as a pass-rusher and as someone who can help against the run. However, he is a bit of a tweener that is between positions and it is hard to see a team that runs a 4-3 defense taking him.

He is not quite up to being an edge rusher in a 4-3 defense and he is not big enough to play defensive tackle in a 4-3 defense. He is best suited to being a 3-4 defensive end who can play next to a nose tackle to is really good against the run that he can help off of. The Chargers have that guy in Sebastian Joseph-Day.

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Leal would fit very nicely in the Chargers' defensive line rotation and is someone who could be Jerry Tillery's replacement after this season. The Bolts should be looking for one more impactful interior defensive lineman who is good against both the pass and run and that is exactly what Leal is.