4 Chargers dream prospects that could fall to 79 after taking Zion Johnson

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Calvin Austin III
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3. Calvin Austin III, WR

Fans should remember Calvin Austin III as the receiver who completely turned heads at the 2022 NFL Combine. Austin had one of the most impressive combine performances in recent memory which was capped off by a 4.32 40-yard-dash, among other insane measurables.

Austin falling to the Bolts at 79 was not perceived to be that large of a fall before the NFL Draft as he was ranked as the 72nd overall prospect on the consensus big board. However, with the way the receivers went in the first round, it seems a tad more likely that Austin will be picked before 79, but he could still fall.

The Chargers need speed in the receiver room and there is no better way to add speed than take someone like Austin. While he would be stuck to primarily being a slot corner because of his size, Austin has both over-the-top speed as well as the shiftiness to live on underneath routes that the Chargers could really utilize.

Any linebacker that tries to man Austin up is toast and the team could even get creative and give him some looks in the backfield as a pass-catching option. You thought Keenan Allen running the texas route was something? Austin doing it might be game-breaking.

If Austin does not fall to 79 there is another solid option, though. Bo Melton is another mid-round prospect who I personally love that could even end up falling to the fourth round based on pre-draft projections.