4 Chargers dream prospects that could fall to 79 after taking Zion Johnson

Jason Reed
LA Chargers
LA Chargers / Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports
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The LA Chargers landed arguably the best guard in the 2022 NFL Draft class in the first round by taking Zion Johnson with the 17th overall pick. It was a selection that fans mostly seemed to love and it is hard not to love it as Justin Herbert gets more protection moving forward.

Considering the craziness that happened in the 16 picks prior with all of the top receivers being off the board and the options being Johnson, Trevor Penning and Trent McDuffie (who also would have been solid), it is impossible to complain about the Chargers' choice.

Now we pivot to the rest of the NFL Draft as the Chargers will be picking next with the 79th overall pick. There are a few directions the team could go and it all depends on what players end up falling all the way to 79.

If the Chargers had their choice of dream prospects to fall to 79, there are four names that make sense.

To be clear, these dream prospects actually have to have a chance, even if it is slight, of falling to the Bolts with the 79th pick. Some of these players will end up getting picked before 79 and some may end up getting picked in the second round.

But if last night's first-round taught us anything, it is to expect the unexpected, so these four players could absolutely fall. You will not see any first-round prospects on this list, though, as that would be a bit absurd.

Let's jump into the four dream prospects, shall we?