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Ranking every Chargers first-round pick under Tom Telesco

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Mike Williams, Tre Norwood
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5. Mike Williams - 7th overall, 2017 NFL Draft

Mike Williams at number five is the first pick on this list where the player's time as a Chargers hasn't been totally subpar.

At this moment in time, we're unaware of the future of Williams as he's a pending free agent, however, I'd hedge my bets that he'll be back with the team next year under a long-term extension or the franchise tag.

For a 7th overall pick, Williams hasn't lived up to expectations, but he's solidified himself as a top-tier WR2 bordering on a WR1 in the NFL. The simple route tree, his drops, and the injury history by the Clemson product have been an issue with Bolts fans throughout his time, but the expertise and development in other aspects makes Williams's game valuable.

After coming off of a career year in 2021 under Joe Lombardi's offense, the arrow could be pointing up for Williams as he gets set to try and make the jump to be amongst the NFL's best.