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Ranking every Chargers first-round pick under Tom Telesco

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Justin Herbert
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1. Justin Herbert - 6th overall, 2020 NFL Draft

By default, the selection of Justin Herbert is the greatest first-round selection made by Telesco during his reign. Many people, including myself, doubt whether or not the Chargers GM actually believed Herbert could turn out the way he has, or if he rated him higher than other top options in Joe Burrow and Tua Tagovailoa.

But at the end of the day, Telesco made the pick and could've gone down other routes like taking Jordan Love or riding out a full season with Tyrod Taylor.

During his first two years in league, the Oregon graduate has exceeded expectations and then some. Herbert has carried the team to victories they probably wouldn't have earned had he not been there. Most people recognize Herbert as a top-five QB in the league and a player that can lead a franchise to the Lombardi trophy, and Telesco deserves praise for allowing this to happen.

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In reality, moving on from a Hall of Fame QB in Philip Rivers at the right time and swiftly transitioning into another generational talent is no easy task, but Telsco got it done.